Friendship House

A Sanctuary In Time Of Need

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Newark Empowerment Center
A Collaborative Ministry of Friendship House and the Newark Homeless Coalition


The Empowerment Center serves three primary functions. It offers daytime hospitality and survival services to Newark’s chronically homeless. It provides consultation and referral services to homeless clients trying to address their issues in a strategic manner. It serves as a consultation and central screening station for participating churches who will refer persons who contact them seeking financial assistance

The Center is open weekday afternoons in space provided by Newark United Methodist Church. Operated and staffed by Friendship House, it is supported with funding and volunteers by the participating churches of the Newark Coalition for the Homeless.

      Marc Marcus, Director
      Mary Berlin, Manager

      69 E Main St
      Newark, DE 197011
      Located in the Newark United Methodist Church


      Weekdays (1:00 -- 4:00 PM)